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Posted by Admin on October, 25, 2021

PCI Coal is one of the three different types of metallurgical coal that are available in the market. These coals are also known as coking coal. This is used by people to produce coke. It is one of the primary sources that is used to make steel. Coal occurs naturally and it is a type of sedimentary rock that is formed after millions of years as the materials such as dead plants and animals are buried. These buried products are subjected to geological factors. Pressure and heat are the two common factors that cause the chemical and physical changes which result in coal that is rich in carbon.

What Is Metallurgical Coal?

These are different from the thermal coal that is available in the market. Metallurgical coal is used to generate heat and energy by its caking ability and also carbon content. Caking means the ability of the coal to form coke. Coke is the pure form of Cabrini that can be used in basic oxygen furnaces. Bituminous coal is one of the important Metallurgical grade coal that is blacker and harder. This type of coal contains carbon and the ash and moisture content is lesser than the low-rank coals.

The rank of the coal helps you to learn about the grade of the coal and also its ability to cake. You can also learn about the degree of metamorphism and volatile matter along with mineral impurities and coal melting ability by the rank of the coal. Following are three main categories of metallurgical coal that are found in the market today.

• HCC or hard coking coal

• SSCC or semi-soft coking coal

• PCI or Pulverized coal injection coal

All these coals are used in different kinds of work in different industries. HCC or hard coking properties than the SSCC or semi-soft coking coal. The hard coking coal is listed at a higher price than SSCC. PCI coal is often classified as one of the best coking coal. This is the source of energy that is required in the process of steelmaking. It partially replaces the coke that is in the blast furnaces.

Coke Making With Pulverised Coal Injection:-

Carbonization of coal effectively is coke making. This process takes place at high temperatures. The production process usually takes place where the battery is located in the integrated steel mill. The coke ovens are stacked in rows in the battery. The coal is then loaded into the ovens and heated without the presence of oxygen to a high temperature which is around 1100 degrees Celsius.

The coal does not burn when there is no oxygen. Rather than that it starts to melt and the high temperatures inside the oven volatilize the impurities that are in the coal-like oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen. These can either be recovered to form by-products or burned as a source of heat. The time taken to complete the whole process is around twelve to thirty-six hours.

This is one of the common use of pulverised coal injection. Therefore, choose to deal with reliable and trusted PCI coal suppliers and get products from them that you can use in the process of coke making.

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