How Do Coal Suppliers In India Excavate The Best Quality?

Posted by Admin on January, 27, 2024

Coal has been known for its usefulness for many years. Two types of coal are available nowadays and both have their specific uses. Metallurgical coal, also known as coking coal is a black sedimentary rock found within the earth's crust which is higher in carbon. This type of highly preferred to be used for energy as this is typically low in moisture. It is also an essential part of the steel-making process.

Met coal or coking coal comes in a wide range of quality grades including

• hard coking coal,

• semi-hard coking coal,

• semi-soft coking coal and

• pulverized coal for injection (PCI).

All of them are beneficial to make steel. Met coal generally comprises higher carbon, less ash, and less moisture as compared to thermal coal used for electricity generation. For getting this in higher quantity contact leading coal Exporter in India.

Coal As an energy source

The other variety of coal is an abundant natural resource. It can be used as a source of energy, and as a chemical source from which numerous synthetic compounds can be made. You can get dyes, oils, waxes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and coke production for metallurgical processes. Coal is a prime source of energy in the production of electrical power using steam generation. The other processes like gasification and liquefaction of coal produce gaseous and liquid fuels. Hence it is a great fuel producer that can be easily transported (e.g., by pipeline) and conveniently stored in tanks.


Prehistoric -Coal is formed from prehistoric vegetation that has been heated and compressed over millions of years.Energy- The energy we get from coal today comes from the sunlight that was absorbed by plants millions of years ago.Steel- It takes around 770kgs of met coal from a leading retailer of coal to make the steel used in manufacturing a mid-sized car.

What is the difference between coking coal and normal coal?

Non-coking coals have huge ash content and are normally used in thermal power plants as steam coals. Coking coal is the category of coal used to heat in the absence of air to transform into a plastic state, swell, and then solidify to form coke.

How is met coal mined?

The methods the Coal Suppliers in India use to mine coal depends on how far it is located below the Earth’s surface.


The Broadmeadow mine uses a longwall shearer to extract coal from deep underground. The coal is then swiftly transported to the surface using a conveyor belt system and stockpiled. The impurities in the coal are thoroughly removed through washing and treatment at a coal handling and preparation plant. Once the coal is treated, it is quickly transported via train to the port, where it is promptly loaded onto ships and exported to customers. Open cutAt an open-cut mine, they extract coal from seams relatively close to the surface. They blast and remove the surface layers of soil and rock to expose the coal, which they then mine using excavators, draglines, shovels, and trucks. They remove the impurities before it is transported by train to port, loaded onto ships, and exported to the retail suppliers of coal in India.

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