Drilling Grade Barite Powder

Drilling Grade Barite Powder


Grade Drilling Grade
Function Increase the Density of the Fluid to Help Control Pressure from the Gas or Oil Reservoir.
Properties Soft, Inert and Non-magnetic
Appearance Grey Fine Powder
Moisture Content 1.0 Maximum
Mercury 5 Maximum

Barite or barytes (barium sulphate) is a mineral largely used (77% of it) as a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration. It is an essential component and there is no substitute that has all of its properties.



A drilling fluid is used to aid the drilling of boreholes and barite is used as a weighting agent to increase the density of the fluid to help control pressure from the gas or oil reservoir. Its other properties of being relatively soft, inert and non-magnetic have benefits in terms of drill wear. Barite increases the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud allowing it to compensate for high-pressure zones experienced during drilling. The softness of the mineral also prevents it from damaging drilling tools during drilling and enables it to serve as a lubricant.

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API Grade Barite Technical Specifications

Property Units Specifications API13A Specifications API13A
Density g/cm3 4.20 Minimum 4.10 Minimum
Water soluble Alkaline Earth Metals as Calcium Mg/kg 60 Maximum 70 Maximum
Residue greater than 75 micrometers %w/w 1.5% Maximum 2% Maximum
Particles less than 6 micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter %w/w 30 Maximum 30 Maximum
Particles less than 4 micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter %w/w 20.0 Maximum 20 Maximum
C.E.C meq/10gms 0.18 Maximum 0.18 Maximum
Extractable Carbonates mg/kg 800 Maximum 800 Maximum
Cadmium mg/kg 5 Maximum 5 Maximum
Lead mg/kg 800 Maximum 800 Maximum
Mercury mg/kg 5 Maximum 5 Maximum
Moisture Content %w/w 1.0 Maximum 1.0 Maximum
Appearance Grey Fine Powder
Packing 50 Kg bags or 1MT Jumbo Bags, We can also supply Barite crude ore. The Lump size is between 1 mm-200 mm.

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