Applicability And Benefits Of Using Agricultural Chemicals

Posted by Admin on July, 22, 2021

The agricultural chemicals include various chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides etc. These are used to control diseases, pest and provide sufficient nutrients to the plants or crops which promote their growth and production. Almost every farmer uses agricultural chemicals for efficient growth of their plants. If these chemicals are not used during the agricultural practices; the diseases, weeds and insects damage the crops to a large extent. Therefore these unwanted things decrease the yield. The agricultural chemicals are used for controlling the crop harming organisms.

Classification of Agricultural Chemicals
There are wide array of agricultural chemicals manufactured. Some of the most famous used agricultural chemicals are urea, synthetic chemicals, DDT, citric acid, sodium metabisulphite, magnesium sulphate etc. These chemicals are divided into various groups according to their use and effect. The first group includes the fertilizers. Fertilizers are the chemical substances which act as manure and provide essential nutrients to the crops for increasing productivity. The nutrients provided by fertilizers include nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium.
The second category includes the pesticides. Pesticides are the agricultural chemicals which are used to control the pests. These pesticides are further divided into insecticides, rodenticides etc. The most common examples of pesticides are acephate, boric acid, DDT etc.
The agricultural chemicals further include the weedicides which prevent the growth of unwanted plants as they suck the nutrients of the crops and hinder their growth.

Benefits of using Agricultural Chemicals
The main benefit of using these chemicals is increasing the crop production. They give high yield to the crops. The agricultural chemicals are also the soil conditioners and keep soil in good condition. They maintain the fertility of the soil. These chemicals enhance the aeration and water holding capacity of the soil.
Many a times it can be seen that soil may either are too acidic or too alkaline in nature which is not suitable for the growth of crops. The agricultural chemicals prove beneficial in this case. The calcite and sulphur compounds are used to adjust the pH of soil. They destroy the pests which are harmful for the production of crops. They help in lowering cost of the foods and offer excellent quality of food products.
The agricultural chemicals exporters provide the farmers with the best quality chemicals without any side effects and at affordable prices. They are very effective for small farmers as they can produce more on a small piece of land. With increase in production of the crops, it also improves the quality of crops.

Price of Agricultural Chemicals
The agricultural chemicals are available at an affordable pricing which can be easily taken even by small farmers with the best quality. The price of the chemicals depends on the type of chemicals used and the impact it gives to the crop production. The agricultural chemicals providing great yield of production and all nutrients to the soil costs higher as compared to the other ones.
It should also be kept in mind while using the agricultural chemicals. They must be used in a limited amount as excess of agricultural chemicals effect the quality of the soil. It deprives the soil with its original quality. Its excess use also effects the environment.
Agricultural chemicals help farmers to produce more with less land available.

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