Agricultural Chemicals – The Backbone Of Agricultural Production

Posted by Admin on November, 23, 2020

In the agricultural industry, substantial numbers of chemicals are used for things such as fertilisers and shedding down machinery for washing or sterilisation etc. For all kinds of chemicals needs the Agricultural Chemicals Exporter are ready with all the varieties.
The importance of chemicals in increasing agriculture production can't be set aside. If we go over the history of India, we find a huge rise in wheat production during the 1970s decade, which prefigured the green revolution in the country.

All these chemicals need to be treated with great respect as if misused they may be detrimental to your health or that of any livestock around the farm.
1. Read the instructions carefully. If that sounds blindingly obvious, numbers of studies have shown that many people consistently fail to read the safety and usage instructions on products before opening them up and starting to use them.

2. Wear goggles when conducting any form of industrial or agricultural chemical. Though not all will unavoidably be unsafe if they get into your eye, many will be.

3. Always use gloves. There are two causes you should do so. The first is to halt chemicals getting on to your hands and then being unintentionally moved to foodstuffs - be they yours or those of your animals.

4. Following the same always use a mask when using the powdered chemicals. Even if they are rough, when being touched they will throw up dust and it's always a good idea to preserve dust from entering into your respiratory system, mainly when it is chemical.

5. Keep chemicals well absent from your cattle unless they are exactly approved for such use. Some animals will eat nearly whatever they can.

6. Children’s must be keep away to play near the stored chemicals or handle them - at least not if they are younger kids.

7. Where chemical products need to be assorted or diluted before use, make certain you keep to the suggested quantities. Don't guess or throw lots of extra in for 'good measure'.

8. Use some form of a defensive and non-porous overall, mostly when spraying. You should manage to pick those up from a farm machinery trader like.

9. Lastly, make sure that you recognise all state rules relating to what chemicals may or may not be used on your farm, for an exact purpose or in a given vicinity.

Significant of chemicals in Indian agriculture
The green revolution was not possible without pesticides, germicides, and compost fertilizers, When the green revolution started, the country was encountering the world's wickedest recorded food disaster continued from 1943 in British-ruled India. At that time, the chemical industry played a significant role in increasing the production of agriculture products by providing scientifically developed fertilizers, pesticides and germicides.

Before this, the Indian agriculture sector was facing the worst effects of insects and low productivity.

Qualities of a Good Agricultural Chemicals Exporter
• Agricultural chemicals are available in various quantities
• The quality of these chemicals is not compromised
• These chemicals do not harm the crops and hence, are safe to use.
• Their products are supplied at a reasonable price

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