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Zircon Silicate

Zircon Silicate

Zirconium silicates are used primarily as opacifiers in glazes at all temperatures. Although tin oxide is more effective, zirconium materials are much cheaper and are more stable in reduction and less reactive. Although zirconium oxide is effective as an opacifier, zirconium silicates disperse better and are cheaper where the glaze can tolerate or be reformulated to tolerate the added silica.

Technical Specifications

Property Specifications
Purity Content (as ZrO2 + HfO2) (%) 64.5 + 0,5
Fe2O3 (%) 0.1 (Max)
TiO2 (%) 0.15 (Max)
Thorium (ppm) 200 (Max)
Uranium (ppm) 350 (Max)
Particle Distribution D50 (Malvern) (μm) 1,2 + 0,2