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Zircon Flour

Zircon Flour

Details :

  • Zircon flour produced by milling zircon sand to a closely controlled particle size; 99% passing 325 mesh, this zircon flour is especially suitable for the manufacture of frits, refractories and foundry coatings.
  • Zircon Flour is used in the ceramic glaze, glass, refactory and plastic industry.
  • Zircon Flour is ideal for use as an opacifier for glaze frits.
  • Small additions of Zircon Flour improve the mechanical strength of glass and impart alkali resistance to the glass fibres used in glass reinforced concrete.
  • It can be used as a refactory wash for glost klins. It finds use as a fine constituent in pressed zircon refactory shapes and as a filler for epoxy resins.

Technical Specifications

Property Specifications
ZrO2+HfO2, min 65 - 66
TiO2, max 0,2
Al2O3, max 1 – 1,8
Fe2O3, max ~0,08
SiO2 ~ 32
Residue on sieve No0063 Max 3
Moisture (105 – 110oC) ~ 0,1
U + Th, ppm* ~ 320
A ef, ** kBq/kg Max 3
Particle Size (Grain Size) 325 mesh
Packing 50 Kg HDPE Bags