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Soda Ash

Soda Ash

We are counted amongst the leading Soda Ash Suppliers and Soda Ash Exporters. Sodium Ash or Sodium Carbonate is also referred as sodium salt of carbonic acid. It is made available in white crystalline powder form. We are a trusted Sodium Carbonate Supplier and our product is extracted from ashes of plants. It is produced synthetically and the process also involves salt brine from ocean water, and limestone. Soda Ash is used for various domestic to industrial purposes. The Soda Ash provided by us is also used in various scientific experiments. We are a reputed Soda Ash Light Supplier. We deliver every order on time and also ensure no deterioration in quality during transit. We have a very quality-centric approach and our every product is tested in testing units before being dispatched.

Applications of Sodium Carbonate
  • Glass: Sodium Ash is mainly used in the production of glass. The process involves combining Sodium Carbonate with sand and calcium carbonate. It is then heated at a very high temperature and cooled for making the glass.
  • Laundry Detergent: Also referred as washing soda, Sodium Carbonate is an important ingredient in many laundry detergents. It is known for getting various stains out of the clothes, such as of alcohol, grease and oil. It is used as water softener.
  • Dyeing: Sodium Carbonate is used along with some dyes also. With its aid the dyes can bond nicely with the material’s fibers.
  • Regulating pH: Sodium Carbonate’s use is also employed for regulating pH. Some of its applications also include swimming pools. In swimming pools it is used for adjusting the pH levels and making the pool more alkaline. Photographers use it for developing photographs. Sodium Carbonate regulates the pH and creates stable conditions in the chemical mixture while the photographs are being developed. The toothpastes also have Sodium Carbonate. It increases the pH in mouth and also aids in making foam.
  • Electrolysis: Sodium Ash acts as electrolyte and aids in generating chemical reactions with electrodes. The process in which it is used involves electrical current. This process is called electrolysis.
  • Water Softener: Sodium Ash’s use is also very prevalent in households. It is used as water softener while doing laundry. In water it prevents the calcium and magnesium ions from bonding with the detergent. If Sodium Ash is not used, more of detergent would be required to soak up the hard water ions. This type of Sodium Ash is usually referred as Washing Soda or SalSoda.

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