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Barytes Powder

Barytes Powder

Barytes Powder, also known as barite is a mineral and constitutes of barium sulfate (BaSO4). We are a well-known Barytes Powder Manufacturer, Barytes Supplier and Barytes Powder Exporter. We are headquartered in Andhra Pradesh. One of the distinguishing characteristics of our Barytes Powder is its heaviness. Its gravity and weight per unit volume is 4 to 5. This is double to some of the most commonly known industrial minerals.

Uses of Barytes :
Industrial Applications: Barytes can be obtained in lump/crude forms. These are grinded and also pulverized and used for various purposes:
  • Their use is employed for oil-well drilling. According to the assimilations, about 90% of the Barytes produced worldwide are used for various drilling purposes.
  • In glass industry, these are used for the purpose of manufacturing white pigment / extender in pigments and barium chemicals.
  • Barytes are used as fillers in textile, paper goods, rubber and leather.

Painting Industry : Barytes can be used for the purpose of filling in painting and dope. These can be used instead of monox, basofor, crypton, titanium dioxide etc. Their use is employed to control the thickness and stickiness of paint.

Plastic Industry : The use of Barytes in plastic industry is employed for the purpose of filling plastic ABS. This is done to make the products with bright color. This also enhances the intensity, resistance to abrasiveness and stiffness.

Rubber Industry : Barytes are used for filling rubber products. Barytes also aid in saving costs. These can enhance the intensity along with acid, alkali, and water proof properties. These are also advantageous for Synthetic Rubber and Natural Rubber.

Pharmaceutical Industry : In this industry, many resort to Barytes as a barium meal material. These are used for stomach and intestines reflection. These are also used as filling for plaster and dope.

Oil Industry : In oil industry, Barytes are used mainly as weighting agent for the purpose of drilling fluids and gas exploration. Barytes’ density aids in lubrication and down-hole flow.

Technical Specifications

Property Units Specifications API13A Specifications API13A
Density g/cm3 4.20 Minimum 4.10 Minimum
Water soluble Alkaline Earth Metals as Calcium Mg/kg 60 Maximum 70 Maximum
Residue greater than 75 micrometers %w/w 1.5% Maximum 2% Maximum
Particles less than 6 micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter %w/w 30 Maximum 30 Maximum
Particles less than 4 micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter %w/w 20.0 Maximum 20 Maximum
C.E.C meq/10gms 0.18 Maximum 0.18 Maximum
Extractable Carbonates mg/kg 800 Maximum 800 Maximum
Cadmium mg/kg 5 Maximum 5 Maximum
Lead mg/kg 800 Maximum 800 Maximum
Mercury mg/kg 5 Maximum 5 Maximum
Moisture Content %w/w 1.0 Maximum 1.0 Maximum
Flotation Chemicals %w/w Zero Zero
Hematite %w/w Zero Zero
SAPP %w/w Zero Zero
Appearance Grey Fine Powder
Packing 50 Kg bags or 1MT Jumbo Bags

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